We re-calibrate your body to be Stronger, Smoother, Faster

We use Functional Manual Therapy based on the work at the Institute of Physical Art in order to get the results our patients expect.

We don’t exercise a patient’s problem; we fix it. Much like if you have a car that is off alignment, driving it further will not take careMoxey Physical Therapyof the alignment issue and in fact, will make it worse. The body works in the same way. The more you exercise it without the proper muscle length, joint glides, and nerve conduction, the worse you feel.

Many people say “I’ve tried physical therapy and it didn’t work.” If you go to a doctor and you don’t like that physician or the results you get, you wouldn’t dismiss all physicians outright, you would find a doctor you like and one that actually helps you.

Here at Moxey Sports Performance Enhancement of San Diego, CA, we receive many of our patients in this manner—they have tried PT before at other clinics without success, then come to our clinics and find the results they were looking for.

Bike Fitting

At most cycle shops, a ‘bike fit’ means you can straddle the frame and reach the pedals.

At San Diego Integrated  Sports Performance Enhancement, our custom bike fittings far exceed any bicycle fitting process you can get at a bike shop, fit studio or coach. Whether your cycling goals are recreational, competitive, or just fitness and fun, 360 Body Gears will provide a perfect fit for you! After your fitting, you will be able to spend hours in the saddle without pain, and generate more power with less effort because your body and your bike will finally be working together as a team!


A bike fit is only as good as the fitters who are interpreting the data and making required changes.

We offer what others don’t: we blend licensed therapeutic credentials, the technical expertise of our practitioner, and our personal cycling experience. The result: optimal improvements toward improved speed and increased endurance.

Stephen G. Moxey has been certified and personally trained by Curtis Cramblett, LPT, CFMT, USA Expert Cycling Coach, CSCS creator and owner of Revolutions In Fitness, San Jose CA. He excels as a Manual Physical Therapist and enjoys cycling. No other bike fitting services in the San Diego, CA Area has these credentials.

Select the Bike Fit that’s right for you

At 360 Body Gears, we offer three bike fit service packages to meet our clients’ individual needs and improvement goals. Whichever level you choose, every bike fit begins with an extensive evaluation of your health and fitness history, athletic goals, flexibility, strength, core stability, and cycling performance. Bike fits require 1 to 3 hours to complete, depending on your needs and goals.

Biodynamic Bike Fit

The bike fit includes a detailed body evaluation to assess your current flexibility, joint range of motion, core strength, stiffness, and more. This detailed musculoskeletal evaluation done by a licensed Physical Therapist who truly know your body will optimize your bike adjustments relative to your physical health and your specific needs. You won’t get generalizations — you get a truly custom fitting of your bike to you as a rider!

As a final component of this service, Ray will advise you on specific stretches, strengthening, and core work that can help you get even healthier on your bike. The result of our Bio-dynamic Bike Fit is greater efficiency, higher power output, superior performance, added comfort, and enhanced injury prevention. No other fitters can offer the balance of body knowledge and cycling knowledge in the San Diego County area.

Quick Basic Fit

For those who prefer a simpler and less costly bike fit process, a Quick Bike Fit Moxey Fit combines our therapeutic expertise and training credentials with point-in-time body angle measurements. This allows us to profile your current bike position and target ideal future angles relative to your personal needs, goals, health and flexibility. This process results in a bike fit that improves efficiency, power output, performance and comfort at a more affordable price.

Size Fit (New Bike)

This service is for any novice or pro rider seeking to buy a new bike, whether custom or off-the-shelf. Our Size Fit determines the dimensions of a perfect bike given your needs and goals, and defines your optimal bike position without the restrictions of an existing bike. It also helps you compensate for existing injuries and aids in rehabilitation. Our process ensures that your investment in a new bike is well spent, and that your riding time in the saddle is a pleasure!

Remember, your fitter’s knowledge and skill with the human body of the fitter makes a huge difference in the quality of your bike fit outcome. Only at Moxey Fit can highly trained and credentialed bike fitters uniquely assess your bio-mechanical adjustments from the perspective of a physical movement specialist, and make decisions as a therapeutic expert.

Book Moxey Fit  bike fit today, and give yourself a great cycling year! Call us today to schedule an appointment.


Longer. Stronger. Faster. In Control. With Less Effort.

Body Restructuring is Functional Manual Therapy that addresses the root cause of your symptoms.

We use Movement Prognosis with exacting eyes that pinpoint your dysfunctional athletic movements during running motions and cross-training. We then perform specific manual techniques to address those impairments.

Change the way you move to get immediate results in your performance and potential while training.

Contact Sports

Football is one of the most popular sports played by young athletes, and it leads all other sports in the number of injuries sustained. In 2007, more than 920,000 athletes under the age of 18 were treated in emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, and clinics for football-related injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We’ve helped all levels of players, from youngsters to the pros. Call us today to see how we can help you!

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